Welcome! The dashboard is in free beta.
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    It's time for a better AWS dashboard

    The AWS dashboard made for serverless developers.

    Built on the AWS API: runs locally, no setup required.
    Bref Dashboard


    Explore application logs

    Browse CloudWatch logs for all your application in a single screen.

    Search for anything and tail logs in real time. JSON data is nicely formatted and errors are highlighted.

    Found the error? Click the line to see all the logs from the same invocation.

    Dig in the metrics

    Get an overview of errors, costs, traffic and response time of all your application at once.

    Focus on a Lambda function, adjust the time range and see the metrics that matter: minimum, average, percentiles...

    Monitor RDS databases

    Check the status of RDS databases and quickly copy their configuration settings.

    Get a quick glance at their health via average and maximum CPU usage and connection count.

    Bref Dashboard RDS monitoring

    Pilot SQS queues and workers

    Monitor SQS queues and their messages. Quickly inspect failed messages in dead letter queues.

    Clear messages or re-queue them into the main queue in a few clicks.

    Manage SSM secrets

    Don’t store passwords and API tokens in plaintext config: use AWS SSM. Create and retrieve SSM secrets in a single screen.

    Bref Dashboard SSM secrets

    Multi-regions and accounts

    Switch between CloudFormation stacks across AWS regions and profiles, and add some of them to your favorites.

    Select AWS CloudFormation stack, region and profile

    Manage S3 buckets

    Lost a file? Not sure if the upload worked? Browse S3 buckets and open files with a click.

    How it works

    The Bref Dashboard is not a SaaS: it's an application running on your computer. Here's why:

    From your computer to your AWS account
    There is no "Man in The Middle": the application connects directly to your AWS account. No data leaves your computer.
    Uses the official AWS API, like the aws CLI
    The Bref Dashboard uses the official AWS SDK for JavaScript: all actions are done through the AWS HTTP API.
    Authenticates through IAM
    Permissions are managed via IAM. The Bref Dashboard behaves just like the official aws CLI: it automatically reads permissions from the ~/.aws/credentials file.
    Nothing to install in your AWS account
    Everything is read from the AWS API: you don't need to install anything in your AWS account. You can start using the Bref Dashboard with any AWS account.

    Read more about Bref Dashboard and AWS permissions in the documentation. The source code of the application is not public, but if your company policy requires an audit, get in touch: hello@bref.sh.

    Ready to get started?

    Download and run the application, no setup required.


    Frequently asked questions

    Will it install anything in the AWS account?
    Does the Dashboard support multiple AWS regions?
    Does the Dashboard support multiple AWS accounts?
    Yes. The Dashboard detects all existing AWS profiles, which can contain credentials to different accounts. You will be able to jump between CloudFormation stacks of different AWS accounts.
    Which IAM permissions are required?
    Short answer: it can be whatever you want, the dashboard will only be able to access what is configured in IAM. However, some minimal permissions are required, more details in the Bref Dashboard documentation.
    Is IAM Assume Role supported?
    Not for now, but this is in the TODO list. Get an email when IAM Assume Role is supported:
      Can the dashboard be self-hosted as a web app?
      Not at the moment, but this may be possible in the future. Get in the waitlist:
        Is it a paid application?
        The Bref Dashboard is usable for free while in beta, for an indefinite duration.

        More questions? Get in touch: hello@bref.sh.